Sales and Distribution

With a network of over 350 buyers and shop owners across the UK , Europe and globally, PM-Agency is ideally placed to introduce brands to the market and sustain long-lasting relationships. We work with each client to create a sales strategy, identifying suitable stockists in order to ensure that brands are correctly positioned in the market. We also offer full distribution services if required.

PR Marketing

We work with editors, stylists, photographers and writers to secure editorial coverage, generate original content and create print material.

Ecommerce & Web Design

Working with our team of web designers and developers, PM-Agency can offer tailor-made websites and e-commerce platforms for brands and retailers.

Design & Manufacturing

With extensive experience in designing and manufacturing, PM-Agency can offer a range of services for creating all types of apparel and accessories. Our network of designers and manufacturers allows us to work on every step of the process, from initial ideas all the way through to delivering the finished product.

Brand Consultancy

PM-Agency works closely with clients on brand strategy, including creative consultancy. From branding to design concepts, we offer a full range of consultancy and design services.

See what we can do for you

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